Rachel and I are so excited that we can FINALLY announce that we are making a AARON TVEIT FAN BOOK!!

So many people have joined us that we thought it would be better to make something BIG for aaron. We didn’t just want to send a list! and because that we are making him a fan book!!

Yesterday i bought a beautiful notebook that i think really fits aaron. In this book we are going to write the names of every country. With that we want to write some fun facts about the country so Aaron will get to know more about the place you guys are coming from. We will also add a picture of the beautiful countries and then finally we will add all your names! We are so excited for this because we really hope Aaron will love it. This way it looks just like every country is a chapter from a book specially made for him.

So if you want to have your name written in the aaron tveit fan book then please send me your name + country and i will write it in myself :) I really hope a lot of more people want to join us so the whole book will be full with names of his beautiful fans! Please spread the word so everyone gets his place in the book! <3 

This is a picture of the aaron fan book!

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